Carlisle in Haiku Form: First Impressions

By David Simmons

Poet, David Simmons, shares his affection for the Great Border City, and the surrounding area, in 'Carlisle in Haiku Form'. Seventeen illustrations accompany over a hundred handcrafted haiku which make up the collection providing a unique take on the city and its history. From Roman cricketers and Cracker Packers to Olympic hopefuls and Lady Gaga, there's a bespoke Carlisle haiku connection!

Published by Caldew Press.

Price £8.00 (plus postage and packing).


We shared some lovely pieces inspired by John Keats, and then John Hegley (accompanied by Cristina's beautiful Italian translations, and occasionally Phil playing the part of John Keats) entertained us with a wonderful collection of poems, songs and thoughts based around Keats.

He was thrilled with all our paper fishes, our poems and letters, and for the warm welcome. It was a really fun event and a huge thank you to everyone who was able to join us.

Hopefully we can meet in real life in the not too distant future!


'Writing, Drawing and Drawing out the Creative’ with John Hegley.

John Hegley led an online workshop with Caldew Press on Zoom on Saturday 14th November 2020.

There was a wonderful creative mix and he was really thrilled with all the responses, and particularly liked the drawings of all the biscuits!

He looks forward to hopefully doing some more stuff with us in the not too distant future.


Earth Day:

Poetry for a Purpose

To celebrate Earth Day we held an online Zoom event so people could share some of the prose, poetry, prose-poetry, flash-fiction and articles, eco-worriers and eco-warriors contributed to eco collection 'Poetry for a Purpose' published by Caldew Press. 

Climate emergency, extinction rebellion, sustainability and environmental disasters seem to be a uniting and driving force among, particularly, younger people and giving voice to concerns is a healthy way to examine our fears and educate others. Boundaries, barriers and horizons - we can also be hopeful, and look beyond the constraints we encounter.

This event was more a preview of the collection than a book launch. 'Poetry for a Purpose' is available on Amazon but it would be nice to do a physical launch event at some point in the future. 

Contributors will receive their free copies in due course once things have returned to a kind of normality we will announce further details regarding an event and for distributing copies of the anthology. 

Many thanks to all who contributed as we try to change the world with words! Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.




at SpeakEasy

26th February 2020

7:30pm - 11pm

At The Source Collective

Atlas Works, Nelson Street, Denton Holme, Carlisle, CA2 5NB

The first and last 'SpeakEasy' event at Foxes cafe feature below

SpeakEasy Farewell to Foxes Cafe

First SpeakEasy at Foxes Cafe

Mind Trees of the Urban Forest

Writing Workshop

Led by Jean Hill

WatchTree Nature Reserve was the location for a writing workshop held on 26th May 2019. Writers took part in the workshop which was led by Jean Hill. She organised tasks and prompts which encouraged people to look at nature and mental health in different ways and produce work from fresh perspectives as part of the 'Mind Trees of the Urban Forest' project. Some of the pieces can be found in the 'Mind Trees' publication.

Workshop at Watchtree - 3
Workshop at Watchtree - 1
Workshop at Watchtree - 2